Our History

Our history starts in 1925 when Orthaus Brothers started producing horse-drawn carriages in Wullen, Germany. They were producing different types of transport equipment too.
In subsequent years, Orthaus Brothers created their first solutions for motor vehicles, mainly busses. Increasing demand forced Brothers to build a new factory which is considered a work of art of the era.
Continuing to grow at an accelerated pace, the business began to expand towards the production of trailers for agriculture and the transport sector by promoting a completely new mechanical Orthaus suspension system.
In 50s, the emphasis was mainly placed on dumpers. Then in early 60s, production of standard tilt trailers started and diversification continued by a series of trucks of aluminum and steel in various sizes and types.
Innovative projects in 80s included the trailers with moving floor for particular cargo types and more sophisticated running gears with hydraulically driven axles to provide added traction on hard surfaces. Over these years, the main activity of the company was the construction of trains up to 120 m ³ high-bandwidth traffic.
In 1987 Orthaus applied for a patent for a glass carrier with the ability to carry the old and new stands on the same vehicle. In 90s a lot of new concepts have been developed, such as Mega trailers, 3 in 1 or glass transporters with fiberglass covers.
​By 2012 Orthaus is back on the market with a new team and a factory equipped with the latest technology.

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