Our Quality

Continious Improvement

Our manufacturing facilities are among the most technologically advanced in the world. ORTHAUS manufacturing is equipped with a fully automated robotic welding line and a high-quality surface treatment system, including blasting, zinc phosphate and cataphoretic paint application, which allow the vehicle to have a unique view with 10-year warranty against corrosion.

​Our factory offers clients a wide range of products developed in a rapid timeline. The combination of our Research & Development team and our cutting edge CAD and CAM equipment enable us to meet all of our customers' specifications and designs. Our commitment to R&D of new products and to continuous technology systems upgrades results in lower operating costs as well as strengthening our customers' and agents' competitiveness.

Cataphoretic Paint Application

During the painting procedure, the work-piece will be dipped into a water-based paint medium and a direct current will be passed through it. The work-piece attracts the paint to itself resulting in a uniform coating being left on its surface. Owing to the nature of this process, the paint also evenly penetrates the awkward nooks and cracks of the product to be treated. By a continuous increasing of the layer thickness the paint coat already carries out an isolating function, automatically closing the last surface treatment process.

Cataphoresis represents one of the most progressive production technologies of application of basic paints with a high degree of corrosion protection of metals. The cataphoresis method of paint application is considered to belong among the most advanced technologies of metal products surface treatments.

Automated Paint Shop

Increased and more consistent product quality are the most widely regarded advantages gained by robotic automation. Trigger accuracy is one of the major quality impacts.  Industry standards of less than 200 ms trigger time are common.  This allows to only apply paint to the part. 

  • Exhaust:  Tolerance control/trigger accuracy directly reduces stack volatile organic compounds (VOC) volumes.
  • Overspray:  Reductions go directly to less filter usage or chemical usage with water wash booth.
  • Reduced rework:  Problems such as sags and modeling reduced

People first:  All improvements aside, many paint spray environments are very unfriendly to the workmen who occupy them.  Chemicals such as Zylene, Toluene, and Diisocyanates are extremely unhealthy.  Spraying the same product over and over can also result in a repetitive stress injury. 

Robotic Welding

The robotic welding system can achieve superior quality by ensuring the correct welding angle, speed, and distance with repeatability of accuracy of (+0.04mm).  Ensuring that every single welding joint is consistently produced to the highest quality significantly reduces the need for costly rework.

With manual welding, the size of the weld is determined from the operator and could result in a larger weld than required.   Robots are programmed to always weld to the correct length and size of the joint requirement, providing significant saving over time.Robotic welders are tuned to correctly size the weld for the requirements of the joint, minimise the amount of weld passes and complete the process with speed to minimising the heating of the surrounding metal that can expand and lead to distortion.

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