Frigo Box Trailers - Frigo Box Semi-Trailer

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Empty Weight (w/o Cooling Unit) 7.250 kgs Axle Spread 1.310 mm
Technical King Pin Capacity 11.500 kgs External Net Length 13.680 mm
Technical Axle Group Capacity 27.000 kgs External Net Width 2.600 mm
Total Technical Capacity 38.500 kgs Internal Net Height 2.650 mm
Front Neck Height 60 mm Internal Net Width 2.460 mm
Coupling Height 1.100 mm Internal Net Length 13.610 mm
Axles Used BPW / SAF / ORTHAUS Suspension System Pneumatic
Number of Axles 3 1st axle lift Optional
Brake Mechanism 430 mm Disc or Drum Hubodometer Optional
Brake System Wabco or Knorr Self-Steering 3rd Axle Optional
Tyres Used Bridgestone / Pirelli / Continental / Michelin Light Alloy Wheels (Aluminum Alloy) Optional
Tyre Size 385 / 55 R 22.5 Spare Tyre Optional
Front Wall Isolated 80 mm w/ Reinforcement for the Cooling Unit Double Deck Optional
Side Panels Isolated 80 mm Side Door Optional
Roof Isolated 80 mm Full Aluminum Floor Optional
Floor Isolated 110 mm w/ Reinforcement Partition Wall Optional
Rear Doors w/ Hidden Locks Isolated 60 mm Hanging Meats Optional
2 Mechanical Landing Legs (Jost) Standard
Reflective Strips According to ECE 104 Standard High Impact Rear Ramp Buffers Standard
Sparewheel Carrier Standard Reflectors According to ECE 70.01 Standard
RO-RO Rings (8 pcs) Standard Steel Toolbox on Each Side (1.500 mm / 3 mm) Optional
Fire Extinguisher Holder Standard Plastic Toolbox (1000 mm / 600 mm) Optional
Wheelchoke and Holders (2 pcs) Standard 50 lt Plastic Water Tank Optional

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